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Does anyone want to earn money?
Small business and cooperation with xox

Why Choose ONEXOX

Recycling consumption of daily necessities is a necessity. Whether you like it or not, these are basic consumption.
If you choose to join ONEXOX, these consumptions will bring you permanent income.

Why Choice ONEXOX

Share profit with you

Have you ever thought about your monthly phone bills, it has nothing to do with you, and also can not bring you profit.
If you choose ONEXOX platform, the profit will be related to you

ONEXOX Performance

The original telecommunications sharing platform in Malaysia

Join the unique telecommunications sharing platform in Malaysia now to earn your income

ONEXOX Share Platform


Now RM40 can join as an onexox dealer

ONEXOX Basic Dealer

ONEXOX Full Dealer

Now RM478 directly becomes a Full Dealer dealer
Use RM40 to become a basic dealer, as long as there are 20 registered users, they will be automatically upgraded to Full Dealer
Of course, Full Dealer offers more discounts.

ONEXOX Full Dealer

Requirements For Becoming an ONEXOX Dealer

There are still basic conditions for becoming an ONEXOX dealer

ONEXOX Dealer Requirement


This is the source of revenue for ONEXOX Dealer and will explain to you one by one

ONEXOX Dealer Income

Sim Card Income

Sales the sim card have a 22% source of income

ONEXOX Dealer Sim Card Income

Erecharge Income

E-recharge is to first recharge to your ONEXOX system, and then to help users recharge, there is a 5% source of income

ONEXOX Dealer E-recharge Income

Incentive Income

Incentive is the commission from selling Postpaid, Plan B39, B59, B89
For every package sold, you will get up to 60% of the commission income source
If you want to know more, join as an ONEXOX Dealer, and then learn more through online agent training courses.

ONEXOX Dealer Incentive Income

Sale 100 Order RM59 Plan

If you sell 100 Postpaid packages in one month, you will increase by more than RM8000 in one month. Isn’t it impressive

ONEXOX Dealer Sales Income

Full Dealer Permanent Income

This is the kind of income that excites me the most. With 10% of your direct users income source, you will get 10% permanent income. Full Dealer has 4 generations
If you want to know more, join as a ONEXOX Dealer, and then learn more through online agent training courses.

ONEXOX 永久收入 Permanent Income
ONEXOX Black RM59 Monthly Sales
ONEXOX Black RM89 Monthly Sales

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XOX is more than just Sign Up a package
Now there are other products on sale
Give you more opportunities to sell products

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