Ultimate Data 35

The most exciting feature of the new “ULTIMATE DATA 35” ONEXOX Prepaid Plan is the unlimited data of the internet for only RM35.

Ultimate Data 35 Plan Features

  • Subscription Price RM35 (valid for 30 days)
  • Data speed is limited to 3Mbps (FUP)
  • Can hotspot completely unlimited devices
  • Free 50 Minute Calls
  • Free active period of 28 months (for new users)
  • Automatic renewal (if credit is sufficient)

If the data plan has been finish used before 30 days, you can repurchase the Ultimate Data 35 plan.

To cancel the auto renew function, send SMS “DATA AR OFF” to 22111 or 23388.

Ultimate Data 35 Plan Terms & Conditions

1. What is ULTIMATE 35 Plan?

ONEXOX Prepaid ULTIMATE 35 plan offers unlimited data capped at 3Mbps under the FUP (Fair Usage Policy) that can be used as hotspot to unlimited device and 50Mins talktime for only RM35 to all subscribers for 30 days

2. What Are the Benefits of Buying ULTIMATE 35 Plan?

For New ONEXOX Prepaid Subscribers

  • The unlimited hotspot allows customers to share the Internet connection with multiple devices. It enables customers to connect to hotspots with as many devices as they want without worrying about any overage charges.
  • You will also be getting 28 months validity for your line.

For Existing ONEXOX Prepaid Subscribers

  • You can enjoy unlimited hotspot & 50GB data capped at 3Mbps under the FUP (Fair Usage Policy)

3. Fair Usage Policy (FUP)

Ullimited data on this plan is offered under the Fair Usage Policy (FUP) and is unlimited per month during the Validity Period, data speeds capped at 3Mbps.

4. How can I get the 50Mins voucher?

After each purchase or renewal. You get free 50Mins voucher will be credited into you BLACK App, it can be redeemed into the BLACK App reward page account.

5. Do I have a time limit to redeem the 50Mins voucher?

This 50Mins voucher is valid for 60 days in BLACK App reward page. Make sure you get them as soon as possible. 50Mins can be carry forward once redeemed.

6. Who is eligible to purchase?

New Subscriber - As A Welcome Deal

  • New ONEXOX Prepaid subscribers (New & MNP)
  • BONUS! – New ONEXOX Prepaid subscribers will get 28 months validity for FREE

Existing Subscriber - As A Data Plan

  • Existing ONEXOX Prepaid subscribers.

Ultimate Data 35 Plan Subscription

For ONEXOX Prepaid New Subscribe

New ONEXOX Prepaid subscribe can purchase the Ultimate Data 35 plan as a Welcome Deal, within 10 days from the date your SIM card is successfully activated.

New subscribe who purchase this Ultimate Data 35 plan as a Welcome Deal will receive a 28 Month Validity Period immediately, Purchase start from the date.

Subscribe who change their plan from ONEXOX BLACK to ONEXOX Prepaid can also purchase the Ultimate Data 35 plan as a “Welcome Deal” but are NOT ELIGIBLE for the 28 Month Validity Period.

For ONEXOX Prepaid Existing Subscribe

Existing ONEXOX Prepaid subscribe can subscribe to this Ultimate Data 35 plan at any time, provided the subscribe does not have any other data plan subscription.

Where can users buy Ultimate 35 plan?

Channel Steps for Welcome Deal Steps for Data
SMS by sending “SP UNL35” to 22111 or 23388 by sending ‘’DATA UNL35” to 22111 or 23388
USSD N/A *150# > Internet > Ultimate 35
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