The latest plan from onexox after the ultimate 35 plan. WAWA is the onexox prepaid plan that is different from the existing Prepaid family. These plans are called WAWA Prepaid, ONEXOX WAWA 18 n 35. Both of these plans come with high-speed data and call minutes valid for 30 days (one month).

ONEXOX WAWA 18 n 35 Price

Introducing ONEXOX WAWA 18 n 35 latest plan, the WAWA Prepaid Plan! The BEST VALUE plan for all with super features!

ONEXOX WAWA Prepaid Plan Details

This plan needs to be subscribed every month to get data and call minutes. Sim card costs RM10 and there is a credit available of RM5.30. Then the user can choose to subscribe to WAWA 18 or WAWA 35 by adding credit value.

WAWA18 needs to top up RM18 to activate the WAWA18 plan
WAWA35 needs to top up RM35 to activate the WAWA35 plan

*Add value can be made through onexox dealers or online using apps xox black or XOX Fast.

Register ONEXOX WAWA 18 n 35

All existing onexox plans (Black and Prepaid) can be converted to this WAWA Prepaid Plan. If new users are interested in using the WAWA Prepaid plan, you can get a new Starter Pack or keep your line number from another telco to Onexox WAWA Prepaid.

Valid Period

WAWA Prepaid users also get the privilege of a long validity period. The same valid period as regular Onexox Prepaid which is 3 years (36 Months). A valid period of 28 months is entered automatically and another 8 months must be (redeem) using the Black application.

In addition, WAWA Prepaid users can also continue (extend) the validity period with the top-up amount made. For example a RM10 topup, the validity period will be increased by 10 days from the expiry date of the relevant WAWA sim. And WAWA Prepaid users can buy valid periods like other Onexox Prepaid plans, which are:

Valid Period 6 Months
Validity period 12 months

Purchases are valid for an unlimited period. Users can purchase as many validity periods as desired.

Additional Data and Subscriptions

WAWA Prepaid cannot make additional data from Season Pass or Happy Hour because Season Pass and Happy Hour can be saved and carried forward as long as they have not been activated. WAWA Prepaid also cannot subscribe to the ultimate 35 plan and purchase any ADD ON data that is not from the WAWA Prepaid family.

ONEXOX Pelan WAWA Prepaid

If WAWA 18 and WAWA 35 Data have been exhausted, users can re-subscribe to either WAWA 18 or WAWA 35 at any time. Interestingly, WAWA users can choose to subscribe to a different WAWA than before, whether they want to subscribe to WAWA 18 or WAWA 35 according to their needs and usage at that time.

Switch to WAWA Prepaid Plan

If you have subscribed to WAWA18 plan you can switch to WAWA35. Likewise, if you use the WAWA35 plan, you can switch to the WAWA18 plan. The exchange can be made after a period of 30 days from your WAWA plan subscription.

Subscribe to WAWA Using SMS

Hotspot and Internet Data Sharing

All WAWA Prepaid users can share internet data usage to other devices by way of Hotspot (data tethering). There is no quota for this hotspot. WAWA Prepaid users cannot share data by sending data to other Onexox plans, and cannot receive data from other Onexox plans.

Buy ONEXOX WAWA 18 n 35 Inexpensive Plan

For those of you who are interested in getting ONEXOX WAWA 18 n 35,
For now online purchase for WAWA prepaid is available. Register your WAWA now.

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