Ultimate Data 35 +50Mins

ONEXOX Prepaid Ultimate Data 35 Plan

ONEXOX Prepaid Ultimate 35 plan give you 50GB data capped at 3Mbps under the FUP (Fair Usage Policy), that can be unlimited hotspot to share to another device and free you a voucher 50Mins to call for only RM35 to all ONEXOX Prepaid User, Ultimate 35 plan is for 30 days, but prepaid sim card is 28 months validity.

PackageSMS code Sending to 22111 or 23388PackagePriceHotspot
New User
Welcome Deal
SP UNL35Unlimited data capped at 3Mbps + 50MinsRM35Unlimited
Top Up
Data Plan
DATA UNL35Unlimited data capped at 3Mbps + 50MinsRM35Unlimited

Buy ONEXOX Prepaid and get 28 months validity

ONEXOX prepaid plan that offers 28 months validity and fast 4G LTE with super savings.

ONEXOX Prepaid
Registered your ONEXOX Prepaid SIM Card

Registered your ONEXOX Prepaid SIM Card and buy a Welcome Deal to enjoy 28 months validity

Purchase Welcome Deals

Purchase Welcome Deals via SMS within 10 days upon successful registration

28 Months Validity

You will receive 28 months validity and enjoy the longer validity date by XOX!

Welcome Deal Plan

After you activated your onexox prepaid sim card, you have to Purchase Welcome Deal Plan within 10 days to get 28 Months validity days.

New sign up onexox prepaid user, you have free RM5.30 into the plan and use.

Besides the 28 months, we also have the Season Pass feature where you can keep carrying forward any unused and unactivated data, minutes, and SMS! You get to make full use of items that you paid for.

Example: If you choice Ultimate 35 RM35 Plan
Send to 22111 to activate 28 Months longest validity days

Flexible DA/MA Account

The more you reload, the cheaper the rate and the more MONEY you save with ONEXOX Prepaid duals accounts mechanism.
Flexible DA/MA

What is DA and MA and how to separate Prepaid credit, adding the two together is the balance of your phone. Such as you top up at one time. Top Up RM50, all will enter in DA50. If you top up RM30, it will be automatically divided into DA20/MA10. If you top up RM10, it will be automatically divided into DA4/MA6.

MA calls are normal rate: 12 cents for 30 seconds, DA calls are cheap rate: 7 sen for 30 seconds.

When making a phone call, the DA money is deducted first, and the MA money is deducted after the DA money is used up. DA Call rate is cheaper than MA.

So this is to encourage users to topup more money (because the more topups, the more money will be transferred to DA proportionally).

However, the current Season Pass is cheaper, calling all telco, only 9 cents per 60 seconds. So DA and MA don’t have much effect

Top Up Data Plan

Check out the awesome Season Pass Deals!

All this is Prepaid Season Pass feature where you can keep carrying forward any unused and unactivated data, minutes, and SMS! You get to make full use of items that you paid for.

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1. Buy Season Pass

2. Subscribe

Buy Season Pass 5GB, Subscribe 1GB duration 30days, 5GB for 5 Months

Add On

Add on data between 1 month finish to use 1GB

3. Share

You can share your internet data, voice call, sms to another onexox prepaid user device.


EXTRA SYOX Prepaid Plan

EXTRA SYOX PREPAID plan is a one-of-a-kind prepaid voucher plan where you can use or share to any XOX MOBILE subscriber of your choice. To spice it up, EXTRA SYOX PREPAID plan comes with high-speed daily data that is fit for all types of browsing, a whooping 10GB Basic Internet to back you up during emergencies, and best of all – Unlimited Hotspot! Instantly turn your phone into a hotspot device so you don’t have to be dependent on slow public WIFI.

New Data Add-Ons Package

*Data Add-on is valid until 11.59pm on the purchase date I ‘Only subscribers with active data is eligible to purchase data add on
*Data add-On can only be purchased via airtime | “Terms and Conditions Apply.

ONEXOX New Data Add-Ons Package
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How to Sign Up ONEXOX Prepaid Plan

After entering Sign Up, there are three options, this is choose ONEXOX Black package

Sign Up Now / Switch Now. If you want a new number, select [Sign Up Now], and if you want to keep the old number, select [Switch Now]

Welcome to XOX!

Choose your desired plan below
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1. Select how you want to join us

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Keep your current number and switch from other Telcos to us

2.Select ONEXOX Black plan type fits you the most

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Well known for carrying forward unfinished data

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Well known for its longest validity!

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1st Digitized eSIM in Malaysia

4. Select your Exclusive Welcome Deals!

Select your Exclusive Welcome Deals!

4. Select your new number

Select your new number

5. Fill in the Delivery Details

Fill in the Delivery Details

APN Setting

APN (or access point name) contain information that’s needed to make data connections through your phone – especially internet browsing. This is often found in the mobile network settings section

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