The original telecommunications sharing platform in Malaysia ONEXOX Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of XOX News. ONEXOX News is one of the telecommunications companies in Malaysia that owns a full range of wireless telecommunications services. It was operated as a Maya Mobile Network Operator (MVNO) in 2005 and was approved in mid-2011. Listed on the Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange (KLSE), it is a very strong and stable telecommunications company. ​

Synopsys and CELCOM have a strategic alliance with the broadest signal coverage and ultra-fast 4G internet speed in Malaysia. Simply put, where there is a CELCOM coverage network, there is an XOX coverage network. In addition, ONEXOX cooperates with ONETELCO to provide the most unique and flexible ONEXOX telephone service in Malaysia. ONEXOX takes “excellent value and savings” as the starting point, and is committed to formulating a new strategy to save huge advertising costs, in exchange for linking to the whole Malaysia with the lowest call rate, opening up the market for ONEXOX and becoming the best telecommunications service in the city. It also provides an industry opportunity for ONEXOX users in Malaysia to achieve financial freedom. ​​

全马独创电讯共享平台 ONEXOX有限公司是XOX新讯的附属子公司,ONEXOX新讯是马来西亚其中一家持有经营全面无线电讯服务的电讯公司,运作于2005年为玛雅移动网络运营商(MVNO),并在2011年中被列入吉隆坡证卷交易所(KLSE),是个非常强大稳健的电讯公司。

​ 新讯与天地通(CELCOM)策略联盟,拥有全马最广阔的讯号覆盖网及超快的4G上网速度。简单说哪里有CELCOM覆盖网,就哪里有XOX覆盖网。加上ONEXOX与ONETELCO合作提供了全马最独特灵活性的ONEXOX电话服务。ONEXOX则以“超值又节省”为出发点,致力拟定新策略省去庞大的广告费用,换取以最低通话收费率链接至全马,为ONEXOX开拓市场,成为全城最好打的电讯服务。同时也为马来西亚ONEXOX用户提供了一个产业机会,实现财务自由。​​

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